Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Haven't Really Done Any Gaming in Ages, But...

You scored as Horror Gamer. You like a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Your character might get killed, but that doesn't matter as long as the game is run well. You'll probably like: Call of Cthulu, , Kult World of Darkness, Chill or even Pie Shop

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Hmm. You know, I've never actually played Call of Cthulhu. And, come to that, the various Vampire games I've played in have always sort of fallen apart sooner or later. So I don't know that my experience of horror gaming has been all that positive, on the whole, even if there were some darned good individual moments.

I think I got this result mainly because I said I didn't have a problem with character death. I think, however, that this has less to do with a desire for gritty realism, or for operating under the real danger of having something eat my character's face, than it does with my odd weakness for a good death scene. I've been known to kill off a beloved character just so I could give him a kickass exit. I can't help myself.

I also said I didn't mind an evil GM. But, hey, I've had enough of those that I think I'd better have learned not to mind them. Much.

Honestly, the kinds of games I always liked best were either science fictional games -- everything is better if you set it IN SPACE! -- or multigenre games like Torg. Any game where you can have a party consisting of a plate-mail-clad paladin, a 1940's mad scientist, an alien, and a guy with a bandolier full of grenades is totally up my alley.


  1. How about Space 1999 OR Quark (not the DS9 character) the RPG?

    BTW, you might consider the word verif system. Without it I was getting splogged left right and centre.

  2. I've never seen either of those, believe it or not, except maybe for a few random minutes of 1999. So I couldn't say. :)

    I have been getting a spam or two a day, which is annoying, but not too difficult to deal with manually. If it gets any worse, I will switch on the verification. Sadly, I think that's pretty probable.

  3. Quark was a spoof of Star Wars made by Buck Henry. (The Graduate and Get Smart)It bombed. I was seven when it aired so i do not remember if it was actually good. As for Space 1999... eep. Read the wikipedia entry for it.

  4. I've heard "eep"ish things about Space 1999. I keep thinking I ought to watch it anyway, just out of historical interest. :)

  5. First season was slow, or as people have put it: British. Second season they pulled in the guy who produced the third season of Star Trek, which should give you a hint as to why it was cancelled. One character was played by Nick Tate, whom you will have seen in ST:TNG DS9 and Farscape. I'll leave it to you to look him up on IMDB.

  6. Is solitaire a scifi game.

  7. Only if an alien's playing it. :)