Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One of Those Days

I dropped a full cup of coffee onto the carpet in my hallway practically first thing this morning. I made toast, burned the first attempt, and dropped half of the second batch butter-down on the floor, at which point I was out of bread. I got into work to be told that everything was going extremely smoothly, and twenty minutes later, gosh, there were the errors that had been absent all night. Then I discovered that the podcasts I downloaded yesterday to listen to at work weren't actually complete, due to the fact that my internet connection continues getting worse and worse and worse despite having supposedly been fixed. Also, my eyeglasses seem to be slightly out of alignment again, just enough to drive me crazy but not so much that I don't feel like an over-complaining jerk if I go back and ask to have them adjusted again.

Can I just go home and crawl under the covers? Please?

(And now Blogger's crapping out on me. Of course. Sigh.)

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