Sunday, May 21, 2006

I've Got the Fricken' Feline Houdini Here.

Today's entertainment: Vir (who for various health and safety reasons is an indoor cat and who has never shown any dissatisfaction with this state of affairs) discovered a means of egress by tearing the corner of a screen on the living room window out of its frame. I noticed it was loose, went over to look at it, glanced out the window, and saw him calmly sitting on the outside looking in at me. So I went out to get him, but by the time I got there, he'd completely vanished. I spent a couple of minutes looking around for him and trying not to panic, then I happened to glance at the window again, and there he was, sitting on the inside, looking calmly back at me. He must have jumped back in in the time it took me to get to the door.

I think he thinks he's funny.

(And, yes, the screen has now been fixed, thanks to the nice man at the hardware store. I'm hoping the stupid cat has gotten his entertainment value out of the situation and we won't see a repeat.)

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