Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yet Another Post of Random Linkage

Tom Baker Says: Apparently, if you send a text message via British Telecom, it's read in Tom Baker's voice. Naturally, people have taken advantage of this to make him say naughty words, tell bad jokes, deliver movie quotes... even "sing." You must hear him "sing."

The Ten Best Sci-Fi Films That Never Existed: I don't agree with all of the opinions here -- in particular, I think the craptacular acting from normally competent actors that you see in the Star Wars prequels has very little to do with green screens and a great deal to do with the fact that no actor on Earth could make some of that dialog work -- but it's an entertaining article. (Me, I still wanna see Harlan Ellison's version of I, Robot.)

Battlestar Galactica Survivor Count: Of course there are people out there keeping careful track of that number of Laura Roslin's whiteboard and posting their analysis on the web. And here they are.

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