Friday, February 10, 2006

Yes, It's the Lazy Person's Way of Blogging

Still more random interesting links, stumbled across here and there on the net:

American Book Review's "100 Best First Lines from Novels": I don't agree with all these choices, by a long shot, but there certainly are some intriguing opening lines here.

Brokeback to the Future: I will never, ever look at the Back to the Future movies in quite the same way again.

Ask a Stupid Question: You think you have to deal with idiots in your job? Try manning the phones in an emergency room.

Romance Covers Gone Wild!: Much amusing mocking of romance novel covers. I might have linked to this site before; I can't quite remember if it was this one or a similar one. In any case, there's certainly a lot of stuff there I know I hadn't seen before.

Garfield, Minus the Talking Animals: Take the animal dialog out of a "Garfield" comic strip, and, bizarrely, it mutates into something sad, profound, and not entirely without artistic merit.

Doctor Who Fan Podcasts from Tachyon TV: I haven't listened to the "Five Doctors" one yet, but I did download and play the "Christmas Invasion" commentary, in which the episode is heartily mocked in ways I alternately found mildly annoying and hysterically funny.

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