Sunday, February 05, 2006

Baby Boom

I'd like to offer hearty congratulations to my blogger buddy Peter Chattaway and his wife, Deanna, on the birth of beautiful twin babies! Even if it is extremely freaky to me, for some reason, that so many people I know are having babies. (A cousin of mine gave birth last month, f'rinstance, and a friend of mine should be due pretty soon now.) I think part of it is that it makes me feel old... Surely people my age (or younger!) aren't ready to be the generation of parents? Never mind the fact that when my mother was my age, I was nearly ready to start high school. And part of it is that babies just seem to me like deeply strange things for anybody to want. Although I can't help but look at Peter's pictures of tiny beautiful helpless things and sort of see the attraction. Still, getting up for 2 AM feedings with the kitten was more than enough for me...

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