Monday, February 13, 2006

Bowl Call

I just got a phone call from my mother saying that my sister had somehow managed to flush her cell phone down a toilet. Not just drop it into the toilet, mind you, but actually flush it, which, personally, I find to be a rather impressive feat. (And she's probably going to kill me for talking about it here, but, honestly, I think this is the sort of thing about which one almost has an obligation to mock one's family members in public.) Mom seemed rather worried about this because, for some complicated bureaucratic reasons that are way too boring to get into, they can't just indefinitely suspend the account on that phone, and, since Mom's the one who pays the bill, she's worried about somebody getting their hands on the phone and making zillions of calls. To which I responded, "Don't worry, Mom. I really doubt the sewer-dwelling mutants can get a signal down there."

Sometimes I feel sorry for my mother, being saddled with the klutz and the smartass for kids. Mostly I'm just amused.

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