Monday, February 06, 2006

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

Oh, wow. Insomnia. I haven't had that since I first moved in here and kept waking up at 4 AM to hammer shelves together.

I don't actually think I slept last night at all, but, then, I read a study once that said people who lie in bed all night and get up convinced they never slept often did sleep for many hours, and the time between when I looked at the clock at 3:30 and again at 6:00 did seem to pass surprisingly fast, so maybe I'm better off than I think. Still, I'm pretty sure that if I ever wake up enough to tell, I'm going to feel like crap. And not just from lack of sleep, either: I seem to have been (mostly successfully) fighting off some kind of infection for the last week, but it's made my tonsils feel a bit tender and left big gobs of viscous nastiness sitting in the back of my throat. I finally gave in and took a decongestant last night, and while the throat-glob appears to have decreased in size, the inside of my mouth now feels like... Hell, I don't know. Whatever your mouth feels like when it's all dried out. I'm all sleep-deprived; my brain can't handle metaphors.

Bah. I'd think about calling in sick, if it wouldn't make all that overtime I worked this weekend to help us get caught up kind of pointless.

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