Thursday, January 12, 2006


OK, it turns out there is a reason why the US release of Doctor Who has been pushed back: they've finally made a deal with the Sci-Fi Channel to broadcast it here. For that, I suppose I can wait. Not patiently, mind you, but I can wait, because the thought of my fellow Americans being able to watch this show on TV, without jumping through any quasi-legal hoops, delights me. And you do want to watch this one, guys, trust me, if you have any bent towards science fiction at all, whether you're familiar with the classic version or not. (Or even, as I've said before, if you thought the classic version was a bit too cheesy and tuned it out. The new episodes have kept the spirit of the original pretty well, but they do lack the unconvincing rubber monsters and such.) It'll be starting in March, the website says "Friday nights at 9.00pm." I assume that's Eastern time.

Now, let's just hope Sci-Fi doesn't screw it up.

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