Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Am Loaded Up and Ready to Go!

After several days of nearly nonstop activity, I have at last finished transferring all of my music to the iPod. (Did I say 4,000 songs? It was actually just over 5,000. Whew!) It's entirely possible -- likely even -- that a few tracks have slipped through the cracks here and there, but if I notice something is missing, I can always re-rip it later.

By the way, speaking of ripping... JenBen, your advice on how to get the copy-protected files onto the iPod worked perfectly! Many thanks! (Although no thanks to Apple for making me jump through all those hoops. Grr.)

Anyway, it is now at last time to retire the faithful little Rio Karma. Farewell, Karma! You were a good little machine, and held up under a ton of abuse, until, uh, you didn't any more. I was going to post some final stats on the Karma in tribute -- most-played songs, that kind of thing -- but the poor gadget's in such a fragile state that it dies when you touch the buttons. So I shall simply observe a moment of silence, instead.

By the way, you know what's really sad? My immediate thought right now (other than "My god, I feel bleary") is "Now it's time to go out and get some new music!" Aargh.

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