Saturday, January 07, 2006

Here We Go Again With That Meme Thing

Current clothes:
Dark gray sweats, black t-shirt from Mt. St. Helens National Monument, white crew socks, black sneakers.

Current mood: Pleasantly relieved, since the things I was ranting about earlier turned out to be pretty much OK, after all. There's something to be said for getting all annoyed about something, only to have the source of your annoyance evaporate completely. Sort of like that old joke about banging your head against a wall because it feels so good when you stop.

Current music: I was listening to the first Sopranos soundtrack on the iPod last night, since I bought that CD very recently and it was still sitting on my hard drive. Good album, and, I gotta say, I think the iPod does have slightly better sound than the Karma.

Current annoyance: Again, my annoyance levels have subsided dramatically since the last entry. I am still mildly annoyed, though, by the fact that Netflix sent me an incorrect disc in my last batch of West Wing episodes. What was supposed to be the third disc of season 2 turned out to have episodes from later in the season on it instead. What's especially annoying about this is that I can't even watch the other, correct discs they sent me, because they all come after the missing one, and I want to watch 'em in order. So, once again, I have to wait for them to get the returned disc and send me the right one. Sigh. The honeymoon between me and Netflix is so over. I'm also annoyed by the way mechanical problems at work keep putting us further and further behind. I try telling myself I get paid by the hour, anyway, and really don't care how much progress we make, but, sadly, it keeps not quite being true. Stupid work ethic.

Current thing: I dunno. Getting annoyed about random things, I guess.

Current desktop picture: This picture of the TARDIS all decorated for Christmas. I actually didn't find this one until after Christmas, but I guess it's really time to take it down now.

Current song in head: "Bad Karma" by Warren Zevon. 'Cause I've got a bad Karma, see? Um.

Current book: Till We Have Faces, C.S. Lewis' much less famous fantasy work, based on the myth of Cupid and Psyche. So far, it's good, though I admit my enjoyment is marred a tiny bit because I keep wondering if Lewis is going to suddenly hit us with the Hammer of Allegory and convert all the characters to crypto-Christianity or something. Which is probably completely unfair.

Current video in player: A short while ago it was Sci Fi's Dune miniseries, which I bought on tape ages ago for like five bucks and never got around to watching. I figured it was about time I did, but the first ten minutes bored me thoroughly, so I turned it off. I figure I'll save it for the next time I'm sick and want something to watch while I'm lying on the couch feeling crappy. It seems like a good bet for that, actually: long and slow, and since I already know the plot, I won't have to worry about being mentally with-it enough to be able to follow what's going on.

Current DVD in player: Most recently, that West Wing DVD that turned out to be the wrong one. Sigh.

Current refreshment: Nothing at the moment, but there's some ice cream in the freezer calling my name.

Current worry: That there will be problems with all this disk-adding and music-transferring stuff, I suppose.

Current thought: Ice creeeeeam...

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