Saturday, January 07, 2006


Aaargh! Two things that have just really, really pissed me off... 1) I was trying to send some e-mail on my non-gmail account, and I was doing so, the goddamned kitten launched himself across the room and landed on my keyboard with all four paws, making all kinds of things flash and beep and do other disturbing things. And after I'd removed him and tried to send the e-mail, it kept prompting me for a password (which it never does) and then telling me that it couldn't connect to the server. It may be that this is entirely coincidence, as they have been doing some work on the servers lately. Maybe the mailserver went down at the same instant the kitten attacked or something. But I'm still able to get mail, so I have a sad suspicion that it's something that happened on my end, and I have no frelling clue what it might be or how to fix it. Aaargh.

Which leads us to 2) I know I'm receiving mail on that account, because while I was trying to figure out what the hell happened I got a message from Amazon saying the external disk drive I ordered, which was supposed to be coming roughly today, and which I have been impatiently waiting on so I can get on with my iPod-loading, is returned to them as "undeliverable." No explanation, just "undeliverable." My address was right, so the only thing I can figure is that the UPS person tried to deliver it while I was a asleep (which I am during the day, as I'm doing the night-shift thing at the moment). Now, here's the thing. Twice this week I was awoken by a UPS person ringing my doorbell, and twice I made it to the door just in time to find a package in my doorway and a UPS truck sitting outside getting ready to take its leave. If they had my disk drive one of those times, along with the iPod stuff (one package was the machine itself, one was the carrying case), I'm really pissed off by the thought that they didn't bother waiting long enough for me to even get to the door, let alone coming back when I made an appearance before they'd actually driven off. But even then, they're supposed to try to deliver it three times. I find it hard to believe they made three attempts, given that the doorbell always wakes me up. Moreover, it's been traditional for UPS to leave a notice on the door if you're not home and allow you to come and pick the package up at their office if necessary. Thirdly, I see by Amazon's tracking page that the damned thing is only listed as having arrived in Albuquerque on the 6th, meaning there's no damned way they've made three delivery attempts with it. Now I've got to re-order the thing, and wait, and either go through much, much more hassle trying to transfer my music without enough disc space to hold it all at once, or hope my stupid dying mp3 player doesn't die completely in the meantime.

You know, I think maybe I'll call UPS and complain.

[Added, about two mintues later: Oh, wait. That wasn't my hard drive. That was the duplicate order I got from them when it looked like my brother-in-law's Christmas presents got lost in the mail. The first package did show up eventually, and I sent it back. Whew! OK. Urge to kill... falling. Now if I can just get my e-mail to work.]

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