Friday, May 07, 2004

Search Request Thursday... Er, Friday.

Here ya go:

  • bad behaving grannys: See them abusing their senior citizen privileges! See them cheating at bingo! See them telling their grandchildren embarrassing stories about Mom and Dad!

  • swedish chef woodpecker: Feerst we take de pecky birdie... Heer, pecky birdie!

  • cartoon characters in bathtubs: Hmm, you'd think the ink would run.

  • bunions fetish 2004: Y'know, I can sort of understand, intellectually, how people might have foot fetishes. But... bunions? There is nothing sexy about bunions.

  • funny dental catchphrases or quotes or jokes: How about, "Don't worry, this won't hurt?" 'Cause that's always a joke.

  • downloadable Muppet answering machine message: Hmm, now I'm wondering about what the Muppets might have on their answering machines. Like, Oscar the Grouch probably just has something like, "Go away!"

  • sex porno futurama: Well, that episode they made of Single Female Lawyer was kinda racy...

  • meaning of "no one together": You mean the song? Huh. I was all set to explain it, and then I realized I actually had no clue.

  • astronomical references in the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy: Personally I find Ford Prefect's claim to be from Betelgeuse highly dubious. What with it being a red giant and all.

  • celtic wailing songs armageddon: Yes, when Armageddon finally happens, if there are any Celts left, I fully expect them to be wailing about it in song.

  • eeyore's birthday nude pictures: OK, number one, isn't Eeyore pretty much always naked anyway? And number two... No, never mind. I really don't want to think about number two.

  • bondage pic doctor who leela: I think she's a lot more likely to kick your ass and tie you up.

  • farscape jumped the shark adding comments: I could add a few comments on the subject of whether Farscape jumped the shark, but I'm sure you've heard it all by now...

  • "3d animation" gallery spaceship captain sex: There's a really rude Captain Kirk joke in there somewhere, I can just feel it...

  • zen sushi captain ahab: I think Captain Ahab was probably the least Zen person in literary history.

  • fixing methadone recipe: Whatever this is, I do not want to get mixed up in it.

  • emergency room embarrassing pics: Ha, ha! My liver fell out! How embarrassing!

  • baseball sneezing fits: Sounds like a lame excuse for striking out to me.

  • surreal poems locked my mind in a candy jar: OK. That is pretty surreal... I mean, who puts locks on their candy jars?

  • geeky nude girls made website pics: Well, I guess non-geeky girls are less likely to be into website design...
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