Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Just Because They're Distributing The Farscape Miniseries, That Doesn't Mean I Have to Stop Making Fun of the Sci-Fi Channel.

Just read this article reviewing (or, OK, "bitching about") the insanely bad TV-movies on Sci-Fi and couldn't stop laughing the entire way through. Here's their description of Deadlands: Homeward Bound, a movie I remember being bombarded unto nausea with ads for while I was taping Farscape reruns:
Though I am loathe to admit it, I have actually seen more than half of this movie in a single sitting. It manages to resemble a really pretentious episode of "The Highlander" TV series - and I mean even more pretentious than that time Adrian Paul fought mimes - by using Batmanesque camera angles and long heavily processed shots of people walking around. If you've got Vincent Spano walking around in an eye-patch you can bet your movie is not going to make Ebert's ten best of the year list. Traci Lords' contribution to the film was to make me think that I was watching some sort of late 90s videogame cut scene. This caused me to repeatedly mash a nearby PS2 controller trying to skip the tediously long and idiotic mission briefings.

Hee. Go read the whole thing. It's worthwhile.

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