Thursday, May 27, 2004

Search Request Thursday

Here they are, the latest batch of weird, wacky, disturbing, or at least mildly interesting search requests that have brought people to this blog:

  • faramir ticklish: I have no idea whether Faramir is ticklish or not. I guess you'd have to get under the armor to find out...

  • bad Mary Sue Lexx fanfiction: Man, there are some major masochists out there on the 'net...

  • plumber's putty t-shirt: The very height of fashion!

  • vulcan blog: I bet Vulcans make really boring bloggers. They probably think blogging is illogical.

  • garak trembled: Aww, poor Garak. Is his claustrophobia bothering him again?

  • quiet pet tag silencer: This probably shouldn't be conjuring up images of shutting up the neighbor's barking dog with a silenced handgun, should it?

  • blog socorro swamp NRAO: No, the Socorro Swamp was at my house, when we got flooded out the year before last. NRAO stayed pretty dry.

  • quicktime stunt crashes spectacular: Well, who doesn't like the spectacle of things crashing?

  • sex on a spaceship, porn movie: You know, I'm remembering how they used airplane dives to film zero-g scenes for Apollo 13 and imagining somebody using the technique for an outer space porn movie, and am finding myself deeply, unreasonably amused at the thought.

  • pictures red sore bunions: I really hope that's not another foot fetishist, because, if so, that's an even freakier request than usual.

  • GEEK QUIZ AND ignoramus: Can one be both a geek and an ignoramus? Hmm, well, if "ignoramus" can be said to apply to social skills, then I guess one pretty obviously can.

  • "black hole" cygnus "time flies": Or, depending on your perspective, time grinds to a complete standstill...

  • ethnic spiritual clothing: I'm not sure I'd be comfortable wearing "spiritual clothing." Does it pray when you put it on?

  • unexplained astronaut visuals: You mean, like, Dave Bowman sightings?

  • betty white naked: Well, now, there's a nude-pictures search request I don't get every day.

  • tatoos of surfings: "Surfings?"

  • ragan sex nude: Sorry. No sex from me, nude, clothed, or otherwise.

  • "I like licorice" book: I like licorice, too, but not enough to write a book about it.

  • swamp pictures books blog NRAO: This is sorta like what you'd get if you put my blog into a blender and started pulling out random words.

  • ww1 dart: Hmm, well, my dad used to have a Dodge Dart that was pretty old, but it definitely postdated WW1.

  • www ebony booty hole: You know, that's bizarrely fun to say. Come on, say it with me! "Ebony booty hole!"

  • crais "betty ragan": Yeah, what about me and Crais?

  • Blakes Lotaburger Fan: Those things didn't work nearly well enough in the summer, let me tell ya. Especially not when you were standing over the grill, dripping with hamburger grease and sweat. Gaah. Man, am I glad my fast food days are over.

  • egm skeleton jacket: I don't have any idea what an "egm" even is, although I guess I must have mentioned one at some point. Anyway, what does a skeleton need with a jacket?

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