Thursday, May 20, 2004

Search Request Thursday

Here's the latest batch, such as it is...

  • childhood armpits: Ah, the innocent armpits of childhood...

  • "of you on the toilet": Look, buddy, whatever it is you're wanting of me on the toilet, I guarantee you ain't gettin' it.

  • Detective arrested and told on... her mom... 2004 barstow ca: A detective got arrested and they told on her to her mom? Wow, that's harsh.

  • children's permanent teeth coming in discolored: You shouldn't have let them inject that coffee into their gums.

  • Granny's gone computer: Look out, internet!

  • BLAZING SADDLES CHESS PIECE: Ooh, I want a Blazing Saddles chess set!

  • Vulcan mating ritual mp3: Look, it's supposed to be "a thing no outworlder may know." Now, admittedly, that bit of continuity has been pretty thoroughly trashed since "Amok Time," but I still really don't think it's the sort of thing Vulcans are going to make recordings of and post them on the internet.

  • spirograph knobs motor light: Knobs? Motors? Lights? Geez, kids today. Gotta have everything computerized. My spirograph consisted of nothing but plastic pieces and some sheets of paper, and I was happy with that. (Hmm. Do they actually still make those things, even?)

  • "mutara nebula" nasa: Fortunately, the folks at NASA do know the difference between reality and Star Trek. Most of them.

  • reality show man starts "dropped" left naked nude: I'm sure we'll be seeing this one on Fox soon, if it hasn't aired there already.

  • clips of freddy kruger pretending to be people: Yes, Freddy puts on a mask at Halloween and pretends to be a person, just like people pretend to be him.

  • sci-fi AND (spy or agent) AND (rape OR ("sex pics") OR ("sex comics"): Someone has "too many google skills" AND "too much time on their hands."

  • BANIK PARACHUTE: I now have an amusing image in my head of Stark jumping out of a plane.

  • nestle takeover of Clarke's ice cream: Ah, the cutthroat world of chocolate production. Brutal.

  • "I, Claudius" "ciff notes" graves: OK, the cliff notes to I, Claudius are called history books.

  • fanfiction aeryn whip: But it's Rygel who gets to wield the whip on the show!

  • dobby gollum and yoda fanfiction: Now there's a dialog challenge!

  • cowboy bathtubs: Don't know anything about cowboy bathtubs. I have seen little packages of beans being sold as "cowboy bubble bath," though.

  • "lizard mask" kids: Because what kid doesn't want to look like a lizard?
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