Friday, June 15, 2012


So, Newt and I are off to the airport tomorrow. (And, aww, now that the time is coming, I don't want the kitty to go! But, clearly the current situation is unworkable, and she'll be much better off, so I'll just need to suck it up and accept the significantly lessened cuteness in my life. *sniffle*)

Anyway, since I probably won't have time tomorrow morning while I'm packing up cats and stuff, I figured I'd wave goodbye to the internet now. I kind of wanted to bring my laptop with me, but the idea of trying to go through airport security with a laptop and a cat is just more than I can handle, so I'll be more or less incommunicado. Well, I'll still be checking e-mail on my phone, at the very least, but don't necessarily expect any answers until I get back.

Wish me luck! It's going to be something of an adventure...

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