Friday, June 22, 2012

Hello From Oregon!

Well, I'm here in front of a computer, so I figured I might as well update. Hello! I am still on vacation!

Little Newt is doing very well! She meowed a little in the car on the way to the airport, but was perfectly quiet on the plane. Probably a little overwhelmed, poor thing. And for all the worry I had about going through security, it was fine. Hell, it was better than fine. I'm thinking I ought to bring a cat with me every time, because she made things way easier. I got to bypass the stupid pornoscanner all by myself, and all they did was wipe my hands and test the wipe for explosive residue with a nifty little explosive residue detector box. Meanwhile, the kitty just clung to my shoulder as hard as she could. Clearly airport escape hijinks where the last thing on her mind. Aww.

Right now, she's got a room to herself. My sister has been staying at her friend's house while she waits to close on her own new place at the end of the month, but said friend only has one bathroom, so sis, me, and the nephew are in a hotel for the week while the cat gets the spare room my sister was staying in. The friend has been wonderful about letting her stay, and makes sure she gets fed and everything, and we stop in regularly to see her. She's always so very glad to see me, too, purring like crazy, and wanting to play, also like crazy. Awww, I'm gonna miss her. *sniffle* She's still not at all sure about my sis or the nephew, but her reaction to them is much more wary than terrified, and I'm sure after a short adjustment period, they'll all get along fine.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying myself here. We've done a couple of little hikes, which were pretty awesome. One of them featured seven waterfalls, a couple of which you could actually walk behind, which I strongly recommend as a way of viewing a waterfall. We also made the obligatory trip to Powell's, where, unsurprisingly, I bought way too many books. (Quota? What quota? Sigh. But, oh, it was nice!) Yesterday, we drove up to Seattle, and played tourist there for a bit, so I can now say I've been up on the Space Needle. Everyone was all excited, because apparently the Pacific Northwest was having its one relatively clear day of the year, and you could actually see Mt. Ranier. And very impressive it was, too.

Now, I think we're going bowling. Wish me luck. I'm very, very rusty.


  1. You were in Seattle? Only three hours away? Oh, so close, so close...

    And yes, the weather 'round these parts has been surprisingly sucky the last few weeks. Although I kind of liked the way yesterday's rain fell on our patio...

    1. Yes, I should have at least waved in your direction! Actually, the Seattle trip wasn't exactly planned, but when my sister discovered we hadn't actually stopped there on our way to Vancouver, she decided it needed to happen. :)

      And, actually, most of the days I was there, the weather in Portland was surprisingly good. We only really got that special Pacific Northwest chilly rain on Saturday, I think.

  2. For the record she bought 18 books at Powell's and 3 were obtained when I left her alone in the young adult section while trying to find a book my son was looking for.


    1. Sigh. And, um, I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that I may have bought a couple more at the one in the airport. And we won't even talk about how many books were waiting for me when I got home, courtesy of the US mail.

      So much for that New Year's resolution. Sigh.

  3. And your birthday's coming up... :)