Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OK, Now The Currently Meme

Current clothes: Monty Python and the Holy Grail pajama pants (featuring a dismembered Black Knight) and a black pocket t-shirt. I'm winding down for bed.

Current mood: I was feeling pretty stressed today, in that "Aaargh, I'm leaving in less than three days! I must get everything done!" kind of way. Except that I suddenly realized that I actually have gotten everything done, nearly. All I need to do over the next couple of days is finish up some laundry and pack. Oh, and pick Newt's medical records up at the vet when they have the copies ready for me. (Her harness did make its way back from El Paso, by the way!) So I can relax now, right?

Current music: Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas.

Current annoyance: The motor on my swamp cooler died, or rather was clearly getting ready to die, so I had to have it replaced. The new one they put in seems to be more powerful than the old one, which ought to be a good thing, but it's also noisier, which is a little annoying. And, of course, it was yet another unexpected expense. I seem to be racking those up lately.

Current thing: Gettin' ready to go see my sis in Oregon!

Current desktop picture: The Grand Canyon in moonlight.

Current book: An SF/horror thing called The Void by Brett J. Talley, which I got as a review copy from Library Thing. It's got a potentially interesting and creepy premise, but the writing really isn't impressing me.

Current song in head: Right this moment, it seems to be "I'm Looking Through You" by the Beatles, because I just saw it performed by some rather cute ghosts on The Muppet Show. But nothing seems to be staying lodged in the brain for long at the moment, which is an incredible relief, as I had one damned song stuck in there for most of last week. (I will not name it, however, for fear of invoking it.)

Current DVD in player: As mentioned, my on-the-treadmill show is Season 1 of The Muppet Show, which I loved to pieces as a kid, and am still loving almost as much this time around. I've also been watching Odyssey 5, a short-lived series from 2002 about a crew of shuttle astronauts who see the Earth get destroyed, and are then sent back in time to stop it. It's got a really interesting, really smart premise, and a good cast. I'm almost never sure quite what to make of the individual episodes, though. Still, it's holding my interest reasonably well... Which I may regret when it comes to the inevitable "Oh, crap, we just got canceled!" cliffhanger, but oh, well.

Current refreshment: Stash's "Chamomile Nights" tea, which apparently features chamomile, spearmint, and lotus leaves. It's very nice. Soothing.

Current worry: Nothing specific, oddly enough. Just some generalized travel anxiety, with added cat factors.

Current thought: I really need to get back to reading this damned book. I want to get it finished before I go.

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