Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not The Currently Meme

I'll do that one later, but for right now, I figured I'd talk about various random things, including stuff I meant to post about ages ago and kept not having time for. In handy bullet point form!

  • I did get to observe the transit of Venus, which was pretty awesome. I was actually stuck at work through the whole thing, but fortunately I work at an astronomical facility, so there were people hanging around outside the front door with apparatus for viewing things safely at various magnifications, and I was able to slip out for a few minutes to observe me some astronomical happenings. And very glad I was, too, since I missed the last one for reasons I don't now recall[*], and the next isn't until 2117. My immediate responses to the sight, by the way, were: "Howdy, neighbor!" and "Gosh, Venus really is round!" It's nice to be reminded once in a while in such a visceral way that the solar system is a real place filled with real, physical objects.

  • I was very sorry to hear about the death of Ray Bradbury. Not surprised, really, since the guy was 91. But very sorry. I've said this before (although probably not here), but the thing about Bradbury that always particularly impressed me was his ability to make me feel a deep, powerful nostalgia for places I'd never been to. Indeed, sometimes for places that never actually existed. That, I think, is a pretty good legacy to leave behind.

  • I've ordered a harness and leash for Newt, having come to the conclusion that that's the only safe way of avoiding a daring airport escape. Assuming, that is, that the thing ever actually comes. I ordered it with two-day shipping to be sure it'd get here in time, but apparently they accidentally sent the damned thing to El Paso. Aaaargh! They've sent me an e-mail saying it'll be a "1 to 2 day delay," which means I should still have it by Friday, but if I don't, I'm screwed. Even if I do, there goes the few days I thought I'd have to help her get used to wearing it. Sigh. Amazon did say it was guaranteed to be here by Wednesday. I wonder if that means I can at least get my money back if it doesn't.

  • I did, at least, get Newt's airport-approved carrier. And, yes, while I was in Albuquerque, I did stop at the Barnes & Noble. I blame a Certain Someone for putting that idea in my head. He knows who he is. But I also realized that a book I'd been waiting for (Mira Grant's Blackout) had finally just come out, and might be ideal for reading on the plane, and that the new Rush album was being released today. So, really, I had no choice. Alas, the album apparently sold out by noon. Damn you, Rush fans! *shakes fist* Well, I guess that's what I get for accidentally sleeping in. No Clockwork Angels for me. I could download, it, but I really do want the physical CD, with the liner notes and all, so I guess I'll have to mail order it, or maybe pick it up when I'm in Oregon.

  • I also got out to see The Avengers. And not a moment too soon, either, because in the last few days my attitude towards it had started to go from, "Hey, everybody says this movie is good! I want to see it!" to "I wish everybody would shut the hell up about this movie I still haven't seen!" But now I have, and it was fun. Nothing that completely blew me away, but entertaining in that way that makes me go, "Oh, hey, yeah, I see what people see in this superhero stuff!" (I will admit, I often find it a little too cheesy, maybe a little too male-power-fantasy. So it's really nice when I don't.) Also, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner make a surprisingly adorable buddy duo. I want them to have a TV series spinoff and go on wacky adventures together.

  • [*] Oh, wait, it was the fact that it wasn't visible here. I guess that's a pretty good reason.


    1. He also knows who you are, which is why he suggested it. ;) He is also happy you got to see the transit, by the way.

    2. That's funny; he says the same thing about you. :)