Friday, February 03, 2012

Yet Again Another Cat Update

Just got back from yet another visit to the vets' office. The news on Happiness is excellent. She's actually gained weight just in the two weeks that she's been on the medication, and the hormone levels in her blood are now slightly below the normal range. Which means we can cut her down to half a pill once a day, instead of half a pill twice a day, and may even be able to go down to every other day later on. The vet was extremely pleased that we'd caught the problem so soon, while it is (apparently) very easy to treat. Yay!

Poor little Newt is doing less well, though. I took her back in because her eyes have gotten all runny again, and there was still gunk in her ear, which seemed to be getting worse. Sure enough, her ear infection is back with a vengeance. The stuff they were pulling out of there with the q-tip this time looked worse than ever. They're thinking that maybe the problem is that there's actually a foreign body stuck in there somewhere that's causing this, or maybe a polyp, since ear infections are very unusual in cats, and since it came back even after the industrial strength antibiotics. They can't tell, though, because there's just way too much gunk in there to see. So they're keeping her overnight and tomorrow they're going to sedate her, syringe her ear out thoroughly, and see if there's anything in there that needs to be removed. I'm really hoping that's the source of the problem. I'm especially hoping that it's just the ear infection that's also causing her eyes to run, which the vet seems to think is reasonably likely, and that it's not feline herpes. Because feline herpes, like every other kind of herpes, is forever and will keep coming back. Fingers crossed!


  1. Aww, poor Newt. Hope everything turns out okay for her. Sorry we already have a cat who is extremely territorial (but then waht cat isn't?), or we would probably take her. Don't really know of anybody offhand who wants another kitty, but I can ask around if you want me to.

    1. Yeah, territorial cats -- or one particular territorial cat -- is the big reason why I seriously doubt I'm going to be able to keep her.

      And, yes, definitely ask around, if you would be so good. I really do want to find a good home for her. With luck, maybe we'll be able to get this infection cleared up and she'll be all healthy and ready for adoption soon. Even if she does turn out to have the chronic herpes infection and the runny eyes keep coming back, all she will need is just a little extra looking after and an environment with no other cats to infect, but I do know it's a bit much to ask someone to take in a kitty with health problems. Hopefully there are some good samaritans out there, though, and she's such a sweet, adorable, playful little thing that it's hard to imagine no one wanting her.