Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And Here I Was Just Calling Him "My Non-Problem Cat."

Apparently my cats have now started up some kind of competition to determine which of them is going to cost me the most time, money, and worry. Nova was far and away in last place in this contest, but he seems to be making at least a vague attempt to catch up. The last few days I've noticed that he seemed to be limping very slightly, so I called the vet yesterday and made him an appointment for this afternoon. Naturally, this morning he seemed considerably better, but I took him in anyway, and the vet says he does seem to be favoring his right front foot a little and his right elbow feels a little hot. (Me, I didn't even realize cats had elbows. I guess you learn something new every day.) It's probably just a pulled muscle or something, but the vet gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and told me to just watch out for signs of an abscess. Aaaand, there went another $80. Stupid cats.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting on most of Newt's test results...


  1. In high school, I remember our jazz band played a song called "Cats Have No Eyebrows".

    1. You know, I read that and immediately checked the cat sitting on my lap to see if he had anything that could be described as eyebrows.

      (He doesn't, of course. But it's good to verify these things empirically. :))