Thursday, February 16, 2012

Currently, It's Still February

This is way, way later in the month than I usually do this. Which perhaps tells you something about what kind of month it's been.

Current clothes: Light tan jeans. White t-shirt with some weirdly psychedelic-colored cacti on it. (I have no idea what that's about. Somebody gave me this shirt years ago.) Long-sleeve blue denim button-down open over that. White socks. Black sneakers. Black belt.

Current mood: I've been randomly stressy about various things lately. I was doing rather better today, but circumstances have conspired to irritate me since the moment I woke up this morning -- at 7:30 when the mailman ran my doorbell -- and I believe they have finally succeeded.

Current music: More random stuff, as usual. The last actual album I listened to was Wander This World by Johnny Lang.

Current annoyance: As you probably don't remember, unless you're way more obsessed with this blog than you ought to be, I was complaining bitterly a year or two ago that I had to keep buying new coffeemakers because the carafes would break, and I could never find replacements that fit, no doubt because the manufacturers cannily discontinue them almost as fast as they come out, just to keep you buying new machines. Back then, I mentioned that I had bought one that was a bit more expensive but had a metal carafe and should actually last me a good long while. Well, the carafe is fine, but the damned machine stopped working properly. It hisses and smokes and gurgles and takes forty minutes to produce a half-pot of sludge. This despite the fact that I have been conscientious about cleaning it regularly. At this point, I gave up, went out, and bought a machine with a glass carafe, figuring if I were going to have to replace it that often regardless, I might as well go for the cheaper option. Yeah, well, that glass carafe lasted two fucking days and broke before I had this morning's coffee. Aaaaargh. It is almost enough to make you want to give up the caffeine habit. Almost.

Current thing: I've been trying to be a little more social lately, again. But I'm not very good at it.

Current desktop picture: I finally replaced the palm trees with this picture of an eclipsed moon over the Rocky Mountains. But, pretty as it is, I think I really need to replace it, because just looking at it makes me feel chilly. Way, way too wintry for my current mood. Especially after those Hawaii pictures that preceded it.

Current book: The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power by Jeff Sharlet. Which, unfortunately, is going very slowly. I'm also dipping in and out of The Skeptic's Dictionary by Robert Todd Carroll, often while playing Laser Chase with the kitten.

Current song in head: "And So It Goes" by Billy Joel, which came up on random shuffle on my iPod on Valentine's Day. Which seems appropriate, as it's one of the few love songs that I find genuinely touching, rather than sappy or misguided or shallow or dumb.

Current DVD in player: Disc 2 of Profit, a very short-lived show from the 90s, starring Adrian Pasdar (later of Heroes fame) as a sociopathic corporate climber. It's pretty good. I do love watching a master manipulator at work, and this guy could give Elim Garak a run for his money. Also, for my on-the-treadmill watching, I have disc 2 of Futurama volume 6.

Current refreshment: Lemon zinger tea.

Current worry: Oh, there are many. But the most immediate one is Nova, whose limp seemed to actually get worse after I took him to the vet yesterday. He may be a bit better today, though. Here's hoping.

Current thought: And, just because today wasn't annoying enough, now my internet keeps crapping out on me. Meaning it's taking me forever to find the links I want, and this may or may not actually post. Hooray.


  1. you're way more obsessed with this blog than you ought to be

    Who says? I don't have a problem. I just need a little daily pick-me-up. That's all. I'm not addicted. It's not like I get all jittery and cry (much) when you don't post for a day or two.

    1. Incidentally, every thrift store in The Noog has oodles of used coffee makers for sale. If there are any secondhand stores in Socorro, you might find cheap carafes to fit your older coffee makers.

    2. There are a couple, but I don't think they have a very good selection of stuff.