Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Cat Came Back

So, Newt is now back home again, although she's mostly staying in her carrier tonight while we wait for the anesthesia to finish wearing off. Which she really isn't happy about. She's pawing at the carrier door like crazy, in a groggy, stumbling kind of way. Awww. Poor kitty. Unlike every other pet I've had to deal with post-surgery, though, she gets to have a little bit of food and water tonight, because she's so very, very tiny. She also gets more antibiotic eye ointment, which is always fun.

The vet did find a "bump" inside her ear that may or may not have been causing the infection. They're sending samples of pretty much everything they could swab or scrape off of the cat out to a lab for analysis, to try to figure out exactly what the problem is. So even if we don't get improvement out of this, we'll at least get information. Personally, I'm hoping for both. It's going to be a while before the results are back, though.

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