Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update On Things

The dentist was able to get me in yesterday to glue the crown back onto my tooth. It took them two attempts, because I drool like a waterfall at the dentist, and apparently some spit got under it the first time and made it not stick, but it seems to be back on good and tight now. Yay for being able to chew!

Also, the insurance adjustor just came out and looked at my carpets. They're actually going to cover replacing all the carpet padding in both rooms, rather than just the damaged sections, which is great, because it means I won't have to worry about matching what's there right now. I just need to find someone who will install it. I'm pretty sure there's no carpet places in town, so I might have to find someone who'll come down from Albuquerque. Although when I'm going to be able to do that, I don't know. I'm on night shifts all next week, so that's out. I think it's probably going to have to be after Christmas. Which is a long time to live in the furniture labyrinth. Sigh.

So, how's everybody else doing?


  1. the furniture labyrinth
    Alternatively, you could call it Bookhenge.

  2. I think Bookhenge would have more of a pattern. :)

  3. Are you alive it's like 4 days since you posted LOL

  4. Yes, I am alive. I figured you'd probably all been getting tired of hearing me talk. :)