Thursday, December 01, 2011

Quick, Men! To The Carpetmobile!

So, after two days of playing phone tag with my homeowner's insurance company, I finally got to talk to the claims guy. They won't cover the plumbing repair, which is what I figured. And they won't cover the damage to my front yard, which I don't care about, because, hey, they filled the hole back in, and my front yard wasn't exactly pretty to begin with. They will, however cover damage to my carpets. Which maybe doesn't do me a whole lot of good, since I have a $500 deductible, but he did put me in contact with a company that cleans up flood damage, who will get the carpets dried out and replace the padding under them, which I think is a very good thing, because right now said carpets smell a lot like damp basement. And I would have had no earthly idea who to even talk to about something like that.

They were actually going to send somebody out from Albuquerque tonight. But then they called back five minutes later and said, uh, actually, could we maybe do it tomorrow? What with the evil windstorm and all? Which, hey, no problem. I mean, it's been this long. I doubt it's going to get worse overnight. Mind you, it's supposed to snow tomorrow, so for all I know they won't be able to make it then, either, but I guess we'll see.


  1. It was so windy, my mom phoned me to tell me how windy it was, and held the phone up for me to hear it, too.

  2. Yeah, they sure weren't lying about it.

    It seems calm this morning. But it does look like it might snow. I think they're supposed to get a few inches in ABQ.

  3. My mom updated me last night. Not only did it snow, the snow stayed around!

  4. This just reminded me to go and look out a window to see if we'd actually gotten any accumulation tonight while I was stuck here at work, and, yep, there is white stuff on the ground! Judging by the forecast, it will probably still be on the ground tomorrow, too. That's just wrong. What did I come to New Mexico for, if not for snow that falls, looks pretty, and then melts before it has the chance to become a nuisance?