Friday, September 03, 2010

Send Dr. McCoy.

Bah, I definitely have a cold or something. Lots of stuffiness, runny nose, intermittent but deeply annoying cough... I don't actually feel sick, exactly, but kind of tired and low-energy and blah. So much for getting anything else done on my days off. I think my to-do list is longer now than it was on Tuesday. I'm not even managing fun, simple stuff, like "watch movies so I can return them to Netflix." I mean, seriously, you want me to get up, swap out DVDs, and then devote my attention to something for an hour and a half? Who has that kind of ambition? Not me.

And I still have to work really stupid hours this weekend. Sigh. I'd just damned well better be feeling healthier next week, because I've got some stuff planned that I am not putting off any longer.


  1. Good luck with all the work this weekend. I hope you can get enough rest to help you recover, as well.

  2. Thanks! With any luck work, stupid as the hours may be, should at least not be too strenuous.

    And I might be feeling at least a little better now, runny nose aside, but I'm still not quite awake enough to tell for sure. :)