Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Save Vs. Distracting Nerd Rock Humor

Having watched the documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage last week, I have been overcome with an obsessive desire to listen to their entire discography. In order. I'm currently up to Caress of Steel (1975), so clearly this is going to take a while.

But here's what gets me. Somewhere on the internet, some time ago, I read a mildly disparaging, yet admittedly funny comment about "lyrics based on Neil Peart's D&D sessions," and I cannot now listen to these early albums without thinking about that. Constantly. It's really very distracting.


  1. Rush is one of those bands I keep hearing are better than I've always thought they were.

  2. They are. They really are. They get a lot of flak from some quarters, and I am absolutely willing to admit that Geddy Lee's voice is an acquired taste, but even their detractors can't really deny they have talent.