Sunday, September 05, 2010

Currently Disgruntled

Current clothes: Tan jeans. A t-shirt with a picture of an evil sun and the words "The sun is trying to kill me." Because when I woke up this morning, it was, and I want it to know I'm onto it.

Current mood: I slept badly and far too briefly, and I'm sniffly and grumpy and I'm working stupid, stupid hours and I hate everybody. SEND MORE COFFEE.

Current music: I'm up to A Farewell to Kings on the Great Rush Re-Listen. Yes, 1977! Progress!

Current annoyance: See "current mood." Also random bouts of low-level but annoying social anxiety.

Current thing: I, uh, went on a massive book-buying spree after I did that purge of the To-Read Pile. I think I'm done now, though. I'm trying to be done.

Current desktop picture: Doctor Who meets The Simpsons.

Current book: I'm about halfway through Oliver Twist.

Current song in head: So, as I progress through Rushapalooza, something or other from whatever album I last finished always seems to get stuck in my head. I thus now occasionally find myself making a microphone out of my fist and wailing out whatever I can remember from "2112." So, mostly the "Temples of Syrinx" bit. Don't judge. It helps me cope.

Current DVD in player: I just finished disc 3 of Deep Space 9 season 2, which I am re-watching very, very slowly. Also disc 1 of The Simpsons season 7 for my watching-on-the-treadmill viewing. I think The Simpsons makes a pretty good treadmill show. At least I'm not in any danger of running out of it.

Current refreshment: Nothing. But I am hungry. I want to go where someone will bring me a sandwich and unlimited quantities of caffeinated beverage and otherwise leave me alone to read. Right. That's my lunch plans sorted out, then. Or dinner, or breakfast, or whatever the hell this meal is.

Current worry: Staying awake through my shift tonight is likely to be quite a challenge.

Current thought: I don't really hate everybody. At least, not individually. Well, maybe a little. But I'll get over it.

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