Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Older Than I've Ever Been. And Now I'm Even Older.

As of today (or as of just over an hour ago if you want to get really technical) I am 37 Earth years old. Go me, for getting this far, I guess!

I'm not exactly inclined to get wild and crazy when it comes to birthdays, so I'm not really doing much to celebrate today. In fact, I spent most of the day sleeping, since I've been on night shifts lately. I figure maybe I'll take myself out for a meal, putter around the house a bit, and then go into work for a few hours. I know, exciting! Although, really, I've already done the celebratory birthday dinner. When my buddy and fellow blogger Captain Chlorophyll was in town briefly earlier this month we got together for a meal, and since it was not long after his birthday and not long before mine, we decided to declare it a birthday dinner for both of us and indulged in some high-calorie dessert.

By the way, Vir the cat, after having forgotten last year, gifted me with another attempted maiming this year. He's so thoughtful. If the arm he bit me on gets infected and falls off, I'll be sure to let you know, although obviously it'll take me a while, since I'll have to type one-handed.


  1. I watched a Doctor Who episode in your honor yesterday.

    Well, okay, I was watching it anyway, birthday aside...and the episode ("The Visitation") wasn't remarkable or anything...but still. :)