Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm Currently In Melbourne. Or Possibly Tokyo.

Sometimes, xkcd sums up my life eerily well.


  1. And you know you're not getting enough sleep when the books start looking like they're written in Japanese.

  2. Been retired for 2 and a half years after working nites for 26 years. I`m still not sleeping right. It seems I sleep better during the day than at nite. I think my internal clock is running backwards. Hmm, I wonder if I`m getting younger too. Sorry Betty, you will be a year older soon. Glad you got the card. The picture is not in proper proportion, as I think you can tell, since a giraffes legs are somewhat longer than they appear. By the way, "Midnight" was cool. I bet there were lots of retakes because of the complex dialogue.

  3. I do a lot better on night shifts than I do on day shifts, but then I think that's just due to my inborn not-a-morning-person-ness.

    And it was a perfectly acceptable giraffe, really. :)

    Thanks for reminding me about the Who, by the way, as I'd nearly forgotten to put up the usual discussion post. I'll go and do that now! Apparently getting the dialog and sound mixing right was quite a challenge. The BBC has been putting up commentary tracks for the episodes on the web, and for this one they had the sound guys doing the commentary. I'd never heard a boom operator doing a commentary track before! They were really interesting and entertaining, though.