Thursday, March 06, 2008

Shiny New Machine!

My new computer came! I haven't had much of a chance to play around with it yet[*], but I have at least managed to determine that:

1) It boots!


2) Its video card does, indeed, work just fine with my spiffy new widescreen monitor, which had heretofore been sitting in the closet forlornly collecting dust.

As a test, I also installed Boggle on it and tried that out. And, wow, the game starts up instantly and runs smoothly with no glitches. What a concept! Such luxury!

I don't have it hooked up to the net yet, though. The idea right now is to set myself up a wireless home network, which should let the PC and my TiVo do nifty fun things together, and make it easy for me to use a laptop, if I ever actually have money again at some point in my life so I can buy one. I haven't got the hardware for that yet, though -- it should be showing up sometime early next week -- and I think I'm gonna need to get the guys from my ISP to come out and help me set it up once I do. Wish me luck! I'm kind of excited.

[*] Mainly because the delivery person came while I was asleep, and I had trouble dropping off again, then, as frequently happens in such situations, massively overslept. Which might actually be for the best, in terms of how I need to start shifting my sleep schedule around, but it did leave me with a headache on waking and not much time to spare tonight.


  1. I know I probably missed this, but what did you get? You didn't go Mac did you? Please tell me you didn't... ;)

  2. I got a Dell. They're still selling some of them with XP installed. :)