Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Links That Are Random

7 Seven Minute Sopranos - a 'whacked out' refresher: A recap of The Sopranos up through the midpoint of season 6. Not actually very useful as an aid to catching up on the show, but kind of entertaining if you're already familiar with it. (Needless to say, spoilers abound.)

Martian avalanche caught in the act: It's an avalanche. In the process of happening. On Mars. I think this may just be the single coolest picture of anything ever.

Sluggy Freelance presents a Doctor Who crossover: Some anonymous person left a printout of this on my desk at work. Ah, they know me too well.

Simon's Cat presents "Cat Man Do" and "Let Me In": You might have seen the first one before, as it's been linked to all over the net. (And, if you have cats, you've probably lived through it, as well.) The second one is new, though.

& Teller: Magician Teller (as in "Penn &") fights zombies in Las Vegas. See, The Office depresses me, but this made me laugh. Loudly. Go figure.

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 5 seconds and 2001 in 5 seconds: Exactly what they sound like. Hey, who has time to watch a whole movie these days?


  1. *snerk* Doctor Who and horticultural humor? Oh, Lord, there's more than one of me out there.

  2. What a scary, scary, thought. ;)

  3. And, you know, it suddenly occurs to me that I should really, really make you watch that episode of the classic series where the mad scientist was a botanist. :)

  4. And Dr. Bushroot was one of the bad guys in the Darkwing Duck cartoon.

  5. There was a Farscape episode with an evil botanist, too. Hmm. Who know it was that common for plant people to go bad? *begins eyeing you nervously*

  6. So many serial killers are described as the quiet guy next door whom no one ever would suspect of committing a crime. That's me to a T, too. ;)