Saturday, February 23, 2008

You Know You're A Bookoholic When...

...on giving people tours of your house, you find yourself saying, "This is the hardback fiction, here, and the non-fiction is in this room..."


  1. And I was a bit disappointed to see empty shelves. Ah well, that just gives us incentive to gift you with yet more books.

    On a separate topic for all your loyal readers: I have met Vir, and he is humongous indeed! Mayhaps you could post a picture of your three companions together, so we can adequately see him in proportion to his siblings?

  2. They were only empty because I ran completely out of bookshelf space a while back and had to go and buy some new ones, with room deliberately left for expansion. I have to do that periodically.

    Posting a picture of the three of them together will involve actually getting the three of them together, and Happiness isn't often inclined to hang out with the other two, but I'll keep my eyes open for an opportunity. :)