Monday, February 11, 2008

The Flickering Television Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Now that it looks like the writers' strike may be over, the TV Guide website is compiling a tentative list of when viewers might be able to expect their favorite shows to return. (Or not, if you happen to be a fan of, say, The Bionic Woman.) It says it's being updated hourly, so I'll be sure to check back for news about House and Heroes. *keeps fingers crossed*


  1. Silly, Betty. There were no fans of The Bionic Woman.

    I'm glad the strike's over. The writers didn't get everything they asked for, much less deserve, but it's a lot better than they would have gotten if they hadn't struck.

  2. You never know. There might be one somewhere. (Though I never watched The Bionic Woman, personally, and certainly never heard anything to make me think that was a bad choice.)

    I suppose getting everything they wanted was too much to hope for, but I am glad there was some accommodation.

  3. It's possible. If the internet has taught me anything, it's that everything has its fan base. And they're usually busy writing slash fiction about whatever it is that they love.

    I watched two or three episodes, missed a couple, then realized I wasn't upset about that and decided not to go back to it. I liked Miguel Ferrer, and Michelle Ryan was good in Jeckyll. And there was some weird sexism masquerading as female empowerment running through some of it, which was at least interesting. But that's about the best I can say for it, overall.

  4. I'm waiting for Galactica to start up again...and hoping they'll finish the last year.

    You never know what you like...(well OK not Bionic woman:) )I've found myself rather enamoured with the Sarah Jane adventures...

  5. Fred: I believe that comes under the heading of Rule 34: whatever you can think of, there is porn involving it somewhere on the internet. :)

    And that really doesn't sound much like the good kind of interesting.

    Geosomin: The TV Guide list says of BSG: "Returns April 4 with first half of 20-episode final season. Production on second half could start as early as March. Airdate for those TBD." Which sounds, if not exactly written in stone, at least encouraging.

    And SJA is good! I'm surprised, myself, by how good and how fun it is. I'm enjoying the heck out of it. It's the kind of kids' TV that makes me feel like a kid again.

  6. From the two episodes I've seen SJA captures the spirit of Doctor Who in exactly the way that Torchwood usually doesn't.

  7. SJA, IMHO, is very much in the old school Who tradition. Torchwood, whatever one's attitude to it, very much isn't.