Monday, February 04, 2008

Yet Another Reason Why I Hate Sports And Everything Associated With Them.

I do not have an episode of House on my TiVo. I have half an episode of House preceded by thirty minutes of idiots yakking on about the Super Bowl.

Damn it. I want my TV to show me smart guys who can't run!


  1. Now,
    Big sporting events like the Super Bowl run over every single year. So let's say one's sister was smart enough to know this and let's say she modified her recording to extend it by an hour :)
    P.S. I caught a few minutes of the pregame show stuff and they were talking to Hugh Laurie and he said it was the first game of American Football that he was seeing. I haven't actually watched the episode yet though, but like sure were promoting it.

  2. I assumed the TiVo would grab it whenever it was actually on, which in retrospect was pretty foolish. So, congratulations, you're smarter than me and my TiVo put together. :) I did check, though, and they're re-running that one on USA next week, so I'll just see it late.

    This is perhaps where I admit that the first I realized that the Super Bowl was on this weekend was when I started seeing ads for House being on "after the Super Bowl!" all over the place. Now, that's promotion.

  3. Cool, I thought they would replay it because A) I lot of people were in the same boat and B) everyone else was too drunk and full of potato chips from watching the Super Bowl to watch House anyway hehehehe.

  4. I watched last week's episode, which I'd recorded earlier, rather than watch the Super Bowl. Nothing like a Christmas episode in February...

  5. That was kind of bizarre, even at the end of January. I assume it was originally supposed to air around Christmas... Or maybe House is just the kind of wacky rebel show that'll do its Christmas episode whenever it darn well pleases. :)