Friday, February 08, 2008

Me: 2, Ants: 0? Or Am I Counting My Chickens, Er, Ants?

Hmm. Yesterday, there were ants crawling about quite actively on the bathroom floor, and there seemed to be a fair number of them going into the little plastic Ant Take-Out Restaurants of Death I put out the other day, although I couldn't really tell if they were taking any of the poisoned bait out with them or not. Since sometime last night, though, I have seen a grand total of one ant, and there has been no more dirt-piling activity around their little hole in the baseboard. I think... maybe I got them? Huh. It seems almost anti-climactic.

(Yes, yes, I know. ANTi-climactic. I'm sorry. It wasn't even really intentional. Mostly.)

[Update: No, I've seen a couple more tonight. Still no more building activity, though. Either they're dying off, or they're done renovating.]


  1. We put those little death hotels out, along with fresh whole cloves and our ant invaders took off somewhere else. They no like the cloves apparently.

  2. I haven't put out cloves, just the death hotels. I don't want them to go elsewhere, since it would likely be elsewhere in my house. I want them to die! I did see one ant that was looking rather ill last night...

  3. Lying on its back, waving its legs feebly in the air, with a cold compress on its forehead and a trash can full of used tissues next to it?