Thursday, December 06, 2007


Following the last post, it suddenly occurred to me that there is a high shelf up on top of the entertainment center in the living room that only Happiness ever jumps up to. Vir is way too much of a lard-ass to even attempt it. I just put some canned food up there and sat her down next to it, and she is happily chowing down. I don't think it will take her long at all to figure out to look for food there regularly, and I suspect she might prefer eating someplace where the others won't bother her. It's not a spot I've traditionally wanted to encourage her to jump up on -- if nothing else, she uses my video rack as a springboard and frequently knocks a few videos off the shelf -- but I think I can put up with that.

The other two, by the way, stood at the bottom, looked up at her, looked at each other with the most perfect possible WTF? face a feline is capable of, then decided to pretend that they could get up there just fine if they wanted to, but they just really didn't care enough.

I love cats.


  1. That's purdy much how feline feedings work around these parts too:

    Angel 'owns' the top of the living room bookshelf (and/or the hall closet), and Cutesie 'owns' the bedroom dresser (which also has her own *personal* water & dry food dishes) -- the only problems *we* [read: *I*] have in this are:

    1) Smokie usually get fed in the 'community' area [i.e., the kitchen table] where the other two cats also get water and dry food (but then, Smokie's the heaviest of the three felines, so if ever she gets edged away from food -- well, ce la vie);

    2) Smokie and Angel both would *prefer* to eat on the floor with the dogs, where (in the event of human inattention) the canines are both quite prone to 'poach' their food; and

    3) Cutesie has lately been trying to convince me to feed her while she's on the back of the living room couch, which a) (as you might well surmise) doesn't really have a flat enuff surface to balance a pet dish, and b) is also *well* within the reach of our youngest (and most-cat-food-addicted) canine [and some peoples think the phrase 'cat slave' is just humor -- le sigh]...

  2. Mine are so not getting fed on the couch. I at least know that much. :)

  3. words I dread are things like "you'll have to feed them separately." I have 4 of them and like you, I have a skinny mini and then well...they get larger from there.

    Good luck! Let me know how the whole thing works out!

  4. I was dreading it, myself, but I'm thinking now that it might work.

    I'm also trying to make sure that Vir gets a bit of exercise, so I've instituted a program of at least ten minutes a day of "chase the toy on the string." :)