Friday, December 14, 2007

Go, T-Cells!

Man, that was really weird. During the day on Wednesday, I felt absolutely fine. Wednesday night, I started feeling really tired, much earlier than I would have expected to, but I just chalked it up to an uncharacteristic reluctance on my body's part to switch to a night shift pattern... right up until I went to get out of my chair and suddenly realized I was experiencing that wonderful achy OMG-don't-make-me-stand-up! feeling. By the time I went to bed, I had full-fledged hot-and-cold chills, which were still with me when I woke up a few hours later. I managed to get back to sleep, and when I woke up again at about 1:30 in the afternoon, the feverish feeling was gone, and I just felt really tired and vaguely unwell. So I spent the day lying on the couch watching DVDs.[*] And today, despite a minor and intermittent sore throat, I feel more or less OK. I feel, in fact, rather like someone who's just spent a day resting and drinking orange juice[**] and getting plenty of sleep. And the reason that's odd is because I think every other time I've had that "feeling good; OK, feeling really tired; BAM! HAVE A FEVER!" pattern, it's been the harbinger of an industrial strength case of flu or strep or something, and has flattened me for a week. Generally, the stuff my immune system manages to fight off within a day or two never reaches the "BAM! HAVE A FEVER!" stage.

Well, hey. I do complain about the overzealousness of said immune system -- it would be great if you could stop attacking the pollen and cat dander now, buddy, really -- but I think I've got to give it kudos for this one.

Am still going to take it easy today, although I do have to go to the post office to mail some Christmas gifts, and I think I might walk up there, since I feel like I could really use the fresh air. But I think I should be fine to work my scheduled hours this weekend, anyway. Um... yay?

[*] I'd advise against watching Spider-Man 3 when you're feeling sick. It's not very distracting, and it seems to drag on forever. Although maybe it's like that normally. I dunno.

[**] I did get some. It was comfortingly juicylicious.


  1. I was going to joke that Spider-Man 3 made me sick. But that's unfair. It just made me sort of sad and angry. (I think it's Dancin' Jazz Club Spider-Man that pushed me over the edge, actually.) Glad you're feeling better.

  2. It just struck me as boring and kind of pointless and emotionally empty. Especially the Dancin' Jazz Club Spider-Man. I don't think I had enough invested in it to get sad or angry. Which is probably just as well.

  3. OK, this is really weird. I got sick on Thursday night, then yesterday I was OMG I wish I were dead sick and today, I'm exhausted but feeing not so bad. Same bug?

  4. Could be! Perhaps some kind of weird virus is stalking New Mexico...

    Sounds like you had it a bit worse than I did. I never quite got to the "wish I were dead stage," just the "man, this really sucks" stage. Glad you're recovering from it, anyway!

  5. "maybe it's like that normally" is :)

  6. What the hell happened? I mean, the first two were pretty good.