Thursday, December 20, 2007

No Place In Time For You.

The desertification of the vast wasteland that is American television continues... Now it looks like The 4400 isn't going to be back. I know I've been a bit guilty of damning that show with faint praise in the past, but I was still watching it, and by the end of last season, I was starting to get really interested again and curious about where the story arc was going. I guess now I'll never know.

With that off the schedule, the only show on USA I'm still watching is Psych. And that's my light-weight, watch-when-my-brain-is-tired-and-I-want-a-laugh show, which isn't exactly something that's all that hard to come by.

Also getting the axe from USA is The Dead Zone, which I haven't been watching, but which I know at least one of my six loyal readers liked. My sympathies.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Alas. Although, I love The Dead Zone. I found myself uninterested this season with the loss of major characters and the elimination of the armageddon story arc. So I think it had jumped the shark. But ahhhhh it could have made a come back.

    However,Jericho is coming back due to fan support.

  2. I never did watch Jericho, but it's one I am planning on checking out on DVD some time. Ditto for The Dead Zone, actually.

  3. Theres only one character on "4400" I liked, and thats Elizabeth. HOT!

  4. Elizabeth? Which one is Elizabeth?

    I liked Marco, but then, I've got a thing for geeks. ;)

  5. I'm sorry.... Did Dad just say he like that character on 4400 because she was hot? hehehehehe

  6. I could never really get into either The 4400 or The Dead Zone, but the sudden cancellation of both strikes me as a little odd, since I thought both shows still did reasonably well in their respective ratings. This leaves some big plot points open and unanswered, from what I gather.

  7. I had the impression they got reasonably good ratings, too. They may be victims of the writers' strike, I dunno. Then again, it's, erm, not unheard of for a cable station to suddenly cancel a highly-rated show. :P

    And The 4400 at least, does have a lot of dangling threads.