Monday, April 30, 2007

Random Link Bonanza!

It's been a little while since I've done this, so I've got a bunch of 'em this time...

Futurama vs. Doctor Who: Two shows separated at birth? You decide! (Warning: contains possible spoilers for both shows, including episodes of Who not yet aired in North America.)

Boomshine: A highly mesmerizing, surprisingly beautiful, very simple flash game. See how big a chain reaction you can make!

Pros and cons of the top 20 Democratic presidential candidates: I know a lot of people who would vote for Optimus Prime.

Speaking of politics, Vote Petrelli! Or, y'know, don't, because he's kind of an ass, plus he [Heroes spoilers deleted].

Knut videos: The Berlin Zoo presents insanely cute video footage of the insanely cute polar bear cub, Knut.

Repertory theater artist Mike Daisey had his notes destroyed by an asshole protester during a performance, then tracked the guy down and talked to him. This man is my new hero. This, folks, is how to be a human being.

Uncomfortable Questions: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?: Exactly what is the Imperial government not telling us?

An InformationWeek article about "machinima" -- using video game software to create original animated videos -- which features an animated rendition of the Dead Alewives' classic exposé of the shocking truth of what really happens at Dungeons and Dragons games. (Having attended a few of those myself, by the way, I can confirm that this shocking truth is, in fact, stunningly accurate.)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie trailer: I'll admit to having mixed feelings about the movie series, but they're sure making this one look cool.


  1. Futurama ALWAYS wins, regardless of the competition ;)

  2. You know, there are very few things I'd say could even give Futurama a run for its money, but I gotta say, Who is serious competition. :)