Friday, April 27, 2007

Cat Swallows Pill! Film At Eleven!

My ASPCA Complete Cat Care Manual recommends having an accomplice if you have to give a pill to a cat, but then says, "If your cat is gentle and docile, you can give it a tablet without any assistance."

Hooray! It appears I have a gentle, docile cat! In fact, I think I may be prepared to go so far as to say that I have The Best Cat Ever.


  1. No I think he was making a joke.

  2. Yeah, thats it, a joke.

  3. You are lucky...mine is convinced I'm trying to poison him...If I can manage to get a pill down him after many attempts he just walks about coughing and drooling for a while until he gives up and glares at me.

  4. The second time I gave him the pill, I did have to try several times, as he kept spitting it out. (I eventually discovered that there's a trick to it; I to have tilt his head up a little and put it way back on his tongue to get him to swallow it.) But, frankly, the fact that he just sat there and let me try it four times amazes me. I can also give him two doses of liquid medicine one right after the other, too. When I've had to give liquid antiboitics to my other cats, they've struggled mightily and then run off right afterward and hid for an hour. Not Vir. He just smacks his lips some, maybe gets a drink of water to get rid of the taste, and goes back about his feline business (which usually involves lounging around the living room) until I come back and give him the second one.

    But I guess he's used to me sticking things in his mouth, what with the having been bottle-fed and all.