Friday, April 13, 2007

DIY Cat Project: Before And After

Having to tote ol' Vir Catto around in that pet carrier today reminded me all over again of how amazing this whole process by which small critters get to be large ones is, and I thought I'd post a couple of pics so the rest of you can compare and marvel with me.

So, here's the picture of Vir taken with my crappy phone camera a day or two after he was born, all cuddled up to a little stuffed bunny rabbit:

And here he is a year and a half later, with the same bunny:

I'm really hoping he's going to stop at this size!


  1. He kind of reminds me of Pixel except Vir is probably a sane

  2. Wow...he's a big cat now isn't he?

    Hope the "little" guy is OK.

  3. Look at what a beautiful boy he's grown up to be! you must be an exceptional kitty mommy.

  4. I don't suppose this brings to mind Helen Palmer's A Fish Out Of Water to anyone but me, right? [grin]...

  5. Kathy: Is there such a thing as a sane cat? They all seem a little endearingly nuts to me, at least by human standards. :)

    Geosimin: He'll always be my "little guy," even if he is freakin' huge. :)

    And I think he'll be OK. Even if whatever-it-is doesn't clear up, it seems more annoying than dangerous, at least right now.

    Jen: I was more successful that I thought I'd be! I do admit that I wonder a bit whether it might be my fault he's got breathing issues... My rather incompetent feeding of him as a kitten did occasionally caused him to aspirate some milk. But I refuse to feel guilty about it even if it's true, 'cause, hey, I kept him alive!

    Andrew: Well, it might if I'd read it.

  6. Ow! Then again, if you took a picture of me next to the same stuffed polar bear when I was a baby, it would be just as astounding, I'm sure.