Sunday, January 21, 2007

Welcome To My World...

OK, I've gotten a few picture requests already, both in the blog comments and elsewhere, so here's some pictures to start with. Photos of anything outside will have to wait until daylight, though, and the person who wanted to see where I work will have to wait until I go back in on Monday (or, more realistically, until I get around to downloading and posting the picture on Tuesday).

Actually, I did take this one out my front door earlier today, for those who are interested in general pictures of where I live. I was trying to get a nice shot of the snow-dusted mountain, but I didn't think it came out very well. Still, here:

And here's a shot of my computer desk. (I resisted the urge to tidy it up before taking the picture.):

Here's my first attempt to use the self-timer to create a self-portrait. It's not a very good attempt... I think I somehow managed to decrease the resolution by accident, and I have no idea why my face looks that red. But here ya go, dad:

And, for the freak who asked, possibly just to see if I'd do it, my toothbrush:

(And, d'oh, my internet's being a little flaky, and when I try to upload these to Blogger, it keeps timing out. Let's see if I can ftp 'em to my own webspace and link to 'em from there... Yay! I can!)


  1. Looks like you need to clean that toothbrush holder. *ducks out of the way*

  2. Hey, that toothpaste residue will not come off, no matter how often I clean it. So, y'know, I mostly don't bother. :)

  3. Thanks for the picture. I will be sending trip pictures soon. Honest

  4. Yes, you owe me pictures now!