Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Growed Him Up Good!

I just took Vir into the vet's for his annual checkup and his shots. You may be interested to know that his current officially recorded weight is upwards of 16 pounds. That's more than 12 pounds heavier than when I last took him in, a year ago, and a very far cry from the days when I used to weigh him on a postage scale. It's actually pretty uncomfortable to pick him up inside the pet carrier now!

Anyway, he's all vaccinated and checks out OK. I did mention to the vet the one small concern I've had, which is that his breathing sometimes seems surprisingly loud, almost like someone with a stuffed-up nose, although he never has any snot. That's sort of always been the case, but lately I've been noticing it more, and also the very occasional wheezy or buzzy sound from him. I haven't been too worried about it, as he never seems ill or short of breath, and certainly doesn't display any diminished activity or energy levels. Which response, according the vet, is pretty much right on. He might have a touch of asthma, or allergies (which I think would be a sort of poetic justice), or scarring on his lungs from his fragile orphan-kitten days, but it's not anything that's currently a big deal. If it's asthma, there are treatments for it, but those tend to come with side effects, and if he's not actually suffering any problems, hey, why cause any? So, unless it gets worse, there's nothing to really worry about. Again, that's pretty much what I figured, but it's nice to hear it from the professional.

Now I have to make an appointment for the other two cats... Apparently they're overdue for their shots, but for some reason Vir was the only one I got a reminder about. Sigh. No rest for the cat lady...


  1. Ive had dogs smaller than him

  2. My cat is bigger that yours :P

  3. How big is (the now badly mis-named) Pixel? :)