Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Have A Memory Like A... What's That Thing?

Success! My old, woefully inadequate computer is now an old, slightly-less-woefully-inadequate computer! And it only took me about twelve tries to get the damned memory in there. (It's easy all the instructions say. You just line it up and push until it clicks. Well, I did that, damn it! Twelve times! It did not click! Gah.)

It's not as much of an upgrade as I'd expected, though, as I somehow had it in my brain that what was already in there was one 256MB DIMM, and instead there were two 128MB ones... Which, given that I've only got two slots, meant that one of those 128s had to come out before I could install the new 256. Meaning my memory is still pitiful (and, erm, so is my computer's). But at least it's better than it was. It seems to take somewhat less time to boot up now, and it hasn't frozen up on me yet in the 20 minutes or so I've had it running, which, sadly enough, is probably an improvement. At some point I need to replace the other 128 with a 256, and then I'll at least have as much RAM as your average laptop comes standard with these days. But it's going to have to wait until the blister I got from constantly inserting and re-inserting the damned thing heals up.

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