Sunday, June 11, 2006


In keeping with my "do anything and everything except go in to work" plan for this week, I went out to the crappy local movie theater to catch Cars. Which, I must admit, I initially thought might have been a mistake, as the first ten minutes or so are basically one long racing scene, and I'm hard-pressed to come up with a list of things that are more boring to me than auto racing. But once they got off the track, it engaged me pretty quickly. It's funny and cute and very technically impressive, with a good story that has a lot of family-movie heart without ever going too far and descending into schmaltz. In other words, pretty much what you expect from a Pixar movie. And, man, it's amazing how far computer animation has come in recent years. Back in the days of Toy Story, it was very much a gimmick, even if what Toy Story did with it was anything but gimmicky. But now it seems to me that we're looking at something that's starting to feel very much like a mature technology. There is nothing remotely visually crude about this movie anywhere.

I do have one complaint, though, which is that I deliberately chose a 9 PM showing to avoid having to sit in a theater full of little kids, and it didn't work. For crying out loud, don't children have bedtimes any more? Seems to me this must be Reason #103 why people increasingly prefer staying home and watching a DVD to going out to the movies.


  1. We are taking Seth(grandson #2) to see Cars on Wed. We did not want to go alone. We thought we needed a kid. Since you went, I guess we could see it ourselves, But we promised him.

  2. Hey, I went to see the Rugrats movie on my own. I have no shame. :)

  3. I just took Aaron to see it today :)
    If you had been a NASCAR racing fan you would have appreciated the beginning better and frankly a lot of references in the film :)
    I thought it was a cute film, I did get bored in some spots. Aaron watched the whole thing without wiggling but I think there were lots of parts that would have lost a child's attention(apparantly translated means I have the attention span of a child :) Anyway, I kind of thought this premise was done better in "Doc Hollywood". Loved the ending bit, Dad if you're reading this don't leave when the credits come on(but since this is Pixar you should already know that )

  4. I just realized since Dad posted that on June 12th it meant he already saw it:) And that I must have chosen anoymous?

  5. I think I at least vaguely got some of the allusions, by virtue of the fact that I've been in the room often enough while Mom was watching the stuff. Sadly, though, my automatic reaction to things that remind me of that seems to be something along the lines of "Aargh, can we turn off this boring crap so I can read in peace?" ;)

    And I've never actually seen Doc Hollywood, I don't think.