Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Good Housekeeping

So, if you shampoo your carpet and, when you're done, there's a zillion giant dust bunnies all over it, is that a good thing, or a bad thing?


  1. It means you have pets ;) Did you vacuum before shampooing?

  2. Jen: I did, yeah. Apparently the ad copy was right, and that machine really does get stuff from deep down where the vaccum doesn't reach. Either that, or it's ripping out and balling up chunks of my carpet, but it all seems intact.

    Magnus: Um, but it's better now, right? :)

  3. It's just all the cat fluff sucked up from the netherworld. Just vaccuum it and ignore it. I do, and we haven't died of any wierd fungus fluff yet. I think of it as dryer lint...

  4. Man, with the amount of cat hair I find, well, everywhere, I'm sometimes amazed there's any left on the cats.

  5. Yeah, we cat a lot of hair on our carpets too. Mine!

  6. Last week I was able to put together one

    complete large new cat, with furry

    left-overs supplied by the cat that's

    lying beside me right now.

    That darn cat.