Friday, June 09, 2006

Perhaps the Ways Haven't Parted Completely, After All.

So, as of tonight viewers in the United States have at last had the chance to see all of the first season of the new Doctor Who on their cable TV. I'm curious to hear what people who have been watching it on Sci Fi think about the season as a whole, particularly those who are new to the whole crazy thing.

I also wanted to mention, as a sort of science fictional public service announcement, that the show will be on next Friday: Sci Fi is having a marathon, starting at 8 PM Eastern Time, in which they're going to show four episodes, then repeat the first three immediately afterward. They haven't exactly selected the episodes I would have picked, but if you happen to have missed any of those the first time, you're in luck!


  1. Due to an electrical storm and some DVR issues last night, I didn't see the first season finale. Sci-Fi's schedule seems to indicate they're re-airing it on Sunday at 11. I'll likely buy the DVD set when it comes out, but I'd hate to wait until July to see the second half of that two-parter.

    Because I really, really, really like the show. It's funny, scary, goofy, strange, intelligent -- all things I'd heard about the original series and am only now starting to find out. It surprised me by getting better each week.

    I'd seen very little Doctor Who before this -- the American TV movie, "The Five Doctors" -- and yet I suddenly, inexplicably, find myself becoming a fan.

  2. Oh, my, yeah, that would be a terrible one to miss! At least, for all the bitching I do about Sci-fi, they seem to be pretty good about re-running things so that you can catch stuff you missed for whatever reason.

    And, yay, it's so cool to hear you say that stuff! I absolutely agree with you, but then, I kind of would.

    I can't honestly say that the "getting better every episode" trend continues in the next season, from what I've seen of it so far, because I think it's been much more uneven, but there's still some incredibly good stuff there. I'm really hoping Sci Fi keeps showing it.

  3. I thought very highly of the show this season. The last episode was rather good. I think Billie was as good of an actor as she could ever possibly be.

  4. Yeah, I was surprised by how good an actor she is. I don't always like Rose all that much (particularly in the next season), but Billie Piper does bring a lot of charisma and a fair amount of talent to the part.