Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's Random Linkage Time!

Tardisodes: These are little preview snippets the BBC is putting up for each of the new Doctor Who episodes this season. The one that's there now is for the season opener, which is airing in the UK this Saturday. Pretty cool.

Also for the Who fans, there's Dead Ringers' "Christmas Day at Doctor Who's", which is easily the cleverest and funniest Who parody I've seen in a visual medium since "The Curse of Fatal Death". (This does, I suppose, have a potential spoiler for US viewers still watching the first season of the new series, but only if you've been living in a cave as far as production news goes.)

Here's a good article on the experience of watching TV shows for the first time on DVD. Personally, I find said experience about a thousand times better than watching on TV, but I totally feel the writer's pain when it comes to the "loss of social currency" issue. I'm really wishing the rest of the world had, like me, only seen the first four episodes of Lost so far, because, dammit, I want to theorize madly about what's going on without people giving me those annoying "Ha! I know things you don't know!" looks.

Online Etymology Dictionary: An interesting reference site explaining the origins of words. Because some of us like that kind of thing.

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